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Web Development
Code Portfolio
My two favorite Perl statements:
  $min = [$x => $y]->[$y <= $x];
  %is_thing = map { $_ => 1 } @things;
(Note: I only use one of these in production code.)

The links below contain samples of code I have written in Perl and other languages.


Elemental* (redo to look cooler and to use JavaScript to do it realtime)

Data Table (make into a custom element)*

Some subset of utility_functions.js*

Item #4*


update_infoblox.pl - a script that updates DNS records on an Infoblox appliance from current NIS host records.

Heredoc::Unindent - a source filter that allows you to properly indent "here documents".

xdf (eXtended Disk Free) - a replacement for df, which only shows local filesystems, includes universal support for "human readable" output, and provides sorting options and other features.

SubUtils::CheckCall - a module for doing detailed subroutine call checks, including verifying calling context and argument count/type.*

SuDoku Solver - I enjoy SuDoku puzzles but eventually decided just to solve the general problem.*


exec_upload.php - a PHP form handler that accepts multiple uploaded images with descriptions and categories, saves them in a non-web-accessible location, generates a thumbnail and watermarked medium-quality image for search results, and adds them to a database for later searching.




Other Languages

path.nawk: A nawk script to perform $PATH manipulation at login time.

System Halt/Boot*

Writing Samples

The links below contain written documentation I have created.

Class Notes

Programming Perl: Data Structures: Notes from my Programming Perl class.

Programming PHP: Regular Expressions: Notes from my PHP class.

Project Plan

add something*

Technical Specification

add something*

Science Fiction!

Type Zero*

Graphic Design


Postcards created for a local lawn service:fall cleanupplowingspring cleanuptree removal

Shellie's Meat Packages - A flyer created for a local butcher shop.

Doggy Dangers - A flyer created for a local kennel. Add check peanut butter for Xylitol

Jeremy Holland
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